San Francisco, January 20th and 21st 2017 - Tickets for the 17th Annual Edwardian Ball and World's Faire in San Francisco are now on sale to the general public. To order tickets, please click here:

Los Angeles, February 11th 2017 - Our very first presale tickets offering for 8th Annual Edwardian Ball in Los Angeles will be invitation-only and arriving shortly in the inboxes of past attendees and esteemed members of our Social Registry . Click the link below to get your invitation.

And thusly, beginning on, Tuesday, November 29, 2016 , we will be offering significantly discounted Notably Early-Bird General Admission Tickets for Los Angeles. Once these have been snatched up, we shall move along to our Early-Bird General Admission Tickets, followed by our General On-sale, which will include all Los Angeles events and VIP offerings.

NEW LOCATION: And what’s more, we are setting sail for a brand-new destination in March, a 3rd addition to the Edwardian Ball repertoire.

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The musical art form represents the origin of The Ball. At the most recent turn of the century, Edwardian Ball founders Rosin Coven collaborated with an incredibly creative cast of characters to dream up a music and story-based celebration of Edward Gorey. Ever since, music has permeated the essence of the event. From Viennese waltz to electroswing, from Cabaret to New Orleans jazz, it always comes back to the Edwardian soundtrack.

Life, death, humor, sadness, light, dark, victory, defeat. Enter the theatrical world of the Edwardian Ball, where costume and character meet and mingle in a beautiful exchange of culture. Yes, there are stages, but the true theatrical of The Ball is created by those that choose to join in the fun.

Step onto the dancefloor and immerse in fiery tangoes and elegant waltzes. Edwardian Disc Jockeys lead a collage of shaking and shimmying as the hours press on. Dance troupes parade through the room, across the stages, high kicks and low low sounds. Cabaret, ballet, and bewitching bu rlesque.... shall we dance?

Co-hosts Vau de Vire Society bring unparalleled talent to the arena of Circus Arts. Not just onstage, but within and without, behind every corner and undiscovered experience, you will gasp, laugh, cry, and remember.

Oh what to wear, what to wear!? The answer is simple- that which separates The Edwardian Ball from everyday life. Costume and character. Clothing makes the creature. Unparalleled elegance meets unstoppable mischief. Dress up. Enjoy life. Play along. Help create the show… it’s beautiful!

A refutation of mass production! Our widely renowned Vendor Bazaar features over 50 carefully-chosen artisan vendors, presenting a dizzying array of creations. The Bazaar is open during all nighttime events, plus dedicated daytime shopping hours in San Francisco.

Shall we? Perhaps a test of skill. A lucky throw. A clever rhyme. A sharp memory. An invitation to those around you to stop working and start playing. Games new and old, find joy in the clever tests of mettle. Let’s play again.

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Perhaps the most nebulous of all practices, Art is where you find it. We carefully curate a diverse roster of artist across media, and invite you to experience, reflect, discuss, love, disagree, and dream. Some would call it the Absolute Reflection of Truth.

Top hats off! Bustles in the air! Three cheers for our original inspiration for this all, dear Edward, our beloved, mysterious muse… His vast body of work weaves stories with no beginning, no ending. An open invitaion to laugh at darkness and puzzle over success. Cats. Urns. The untimely demise of children. Masterpiece Theatre. The Limb. Dracula. The Waltzing Mouse. Edward Gorey.

- Commendations -

"The annual festival not only celebrates the era of towering top hats, long skirts and tight corsets circa 1900, but also the misfits, freaks, geeks, history buffs and peacocks who found solace in Gorey’s eerie black-and-white world. But those who have experienced it before know that the best part is getting lost in the dizzying, dazzling spectacle that swirls around all the action." - Aidin Vaziri, San Francisco Chronicle


"The Edwardian Ball can best be expressed as Vaudeville taken to the most decadent, sensual, and artistically expressive extreme. It’s nothing short of wondrous." - ComiConverse

"As usual, once immersed in the rich atmosphere, it is difficult for guests to escape the vibe. Interactions with actors and role-playing guests complement the absinthe, astonishing costumes, provocative performances, random curiosities, hybrids of anachronistic music, and themed set pieces throughout the theatre." -OCWeekly

- FAQ -

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Who is Edward Gorey?