The Edwardian Ball is an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author Edward Gorey.

Steve Payne
Huffington Post

In the Bay Area, which drives the world's latest inventions in futuristic technology, San Francisco's recent Edwardian Ball, where thousands of people gathered to celebrate all things circa 1900, seemed a curious turn to the past.

Carolyne Zinko
SF Chronicle

The real show of course is not on stage but in the swirling mass of lace, ruffles, feathers, and corsets worn by the patrons-- the costumed revelers that create their own fantasy world of barons, earls, ladies, courtesans, clowns and crazies. What a spectacle, what a scene, and what fun.

Patrick Keady
Credible Information

Wax up your handlebar mustache, dust off your stripy topcoat, burnish your steampunk petticoats, and oil those wheezy accordions: The Edwardian Ball, that phenomenal annual gathering of exquisitely decked-out freaks, is back!

Marke B.
SF Bay Guardian

The Edwardian Ball, thrown by Rosin Coven and the Vau de Vire Society, never fails to amaze — and absinthe-addled though we were, we managed to take in all the sights, from petticoats a-plenty to splendid corsetry to handsome haberdashery from an era gone by… Despite the fact that stunning vintage apparel has come to be expected, the Edward Gorey-inspired event… is anything but old hat.

Emily Appelbaum
SF Bay Guardian

A great part of this gig is its interactivity. Devoted attendees must stop, look, and listen. They must taste, touch, and kick up their heels. It’s an immersive spectacle like few others.

Sam Prestianni
SF Weekly

Steam punkers, Edward Gorey fans, ballroom dancers, cat lovers, eccentrics, literati, Goths, humorists and lovers of the macabre: it's time to rejoice! This weekend marks the arrival of one of our great San Francisco institutions: The Edwardian Ball. Co-produced by the musical group Rosin Coven and the circus performance ensemble the Vau de Vire Society, the Ball is an extravaganza like no other.

Charles Kruger

Fantastical, eerie, peculiar, time-warped and surreal, the Edwardian Ball is unlike any other party in San Francisco.

Barbara Koh

In short, the Edwardian Ball is not an event as much as it is its own universe.

Lauren Gallagher
SF Examiner

During two days a fantastic and surreal world came to life at the Regency Ballroom.

Ernesto Altamirano
Univision 67

In a city that prides itself on its individuality, one would still be hard pressed to find anything quite like the Edwardian Ball, which boasts an aesthetic that mixes Edwardian period dress, steam punk chic and Edward Gorey-inspired madness for two days at the Regency Ballroom.

Woodrow Curry
SF Station

The Edwardian Ball is more than an event; when you walk through the iconic doors of San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, you enter an entirely new universe where the laws of physics and tradition no longer rule. A world of fantasy, extravagance, and adventure; a true playground for those who’s imagination knows no bounds.

Nick Abitia
Sound Colour Vibrations

Unlike other period-theme events, (such as the Dickens Christmas Fair and the Renaissance Faire) the Edwardian Ball is a completely imagined world, influenced by both the King Edward era of Great Britain and Edward Gorey's work, but beholden to neither.

Jonathan Farrell
Digital Journal

It is a sensory explosion in the best way possible and something you will not soon forget.

Carlos Rubio

I have had the pleasure of introducing many friends to this event, and without exception they have been fascinated with the amazing spectacle that is The Edwardian Ball.

Gina White

It's that time of year again dreary dearies: time to break out your top hat & tails, your bustle & bodice, your pocket watch and petticoat, and of course dancing shoes of all varieties. It's time once again for the Edwardian Ball!

Mary Danzer

The Edwardian Ball could be the best Halloween party of the year, that just happens to occur in January. In a top hat tip to technology, screens behind the bars exposed their best #EdwardianBall Instagram pics of the night, and its revelers. I spied an Admiral’s epaulettes brushing the shoulders of a confederate soldier, a DJ flapper’s pearls caught spinning around her mixing records. On the third floor we played detectives for Vivien Blackwell’s Murder Mystery… As for the actual retelling of “The Curious Sofa” by Rosin Coven and Vau De Vire Society, well, it was a raucous one. It fell, with grace, within the afterthoughts of every uncensored ballet.

Sean Taylor

There couldn’t be a better venue, or city for that matter, to host The 14th Annual Edwardian Ball. A two-day extravaganza of interactive games, musical performances, and mystical experiences only imagined by one’s creativity, The Edwardian Ball and Edwardian World’s Faire isn’t your typical nightlife party or show. Dwelling in 19th century architecture and neoclassic/beaux art styled décor lies a wonderland of Edward Gorey’s goth and steampunk creatures dancing to haunting yet enchanting music.

Chris W. Hong
Davis Dirt

There are many events that deserve our attention, and that will appeal to the uniqueness in all of us. This is one of them. If you love Halloween or dressing up for the Dickens Christmas Fair, this is your chance to go back into the past and give it your own spin. It’s a place where the character in you can come out, come out wherever (and whatever!) you are. You can attend the event in San Francisco or Los Angeles or both.

Ron Merk
Indieplex Magazine

Want to dress up in something out of the ordinary and even a bit extraordinary? Need an out-of-town trip or want to trip into another century or alternative universe. Even if you're comfy on your couch, you might see you couch differently if you get Edwardian.

Ian Ono & Jana Monji

The thing about The Edwardian Ball that stands out the most when the event ends is that there needs to be more nights like this in Los Angeles.

Sabina Ibarra
Living Out Loud, Los Angeles

If the excuse to dress up isn’t enough for you — imagine total immersion into another time.

Jenelle Campbell
The Work Magazine

Queen Victoria's son King Edward VII ushered in a new century during his brief yet historic reign as the first British monarch of the House of Windsor from 1901-1910. Since then, "Edwardian" has come to define the art, fashion and intellectual life characteristic of the era, so it's only natural that the Edwardian Ball would be a celebration of the Edwardian Era, too. Yet the annual spectacle in Los Angeles and San Francisco is a lavish promenade that actually honors another Edward: American illustrator Edward Gorey.

Tanja M. Laden
Huffington Post

Have you ever wanted to step into a Edward Gorey story? Well now you can, and what a party you have in store for you! Step inside the world of Edwardian elegance where cocktails flow, and decadence is abundant. Much more then a party, you will be walking into an experience.

Anastasia Washington
Nerd Reactor

Music, dazzle, aerial acts, and no-holds-barred drama fill out the remainder of the evening, where parading in one's hoop-skirt'd, bird-cage-bedecked get-up is part and parcel of what is done. Think of the scene as slightly goth, slightly batty, slightly royal, and elegantly eccentric. Or is that eccentrically elegant?

Alysia Gray Painter
NBC Los Angeles